5 Best Claw Clips From Amazon: Fall’s Hottest Hair Accessory

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There’s a hair accessory you’ve probably been seeing everywhere: the claw clip. Whether it’s pinned on Bella Hadid’s bun or attached to the handle of Harry Styles’ leopard print Gucci bag, you can’t step outside without seeing at least ten of them in one outing. Though it might sound like a painfully spiky contraption, it’s actually such an easy way to keep your hair up, and it’s giving the humble scrunchie a serious run for its money. This isn’t a new fashion phenomenon, however. Claw clips saw a huge surge in the ’90s and early 2000s and got a ton of wear from icons like Jennifer Aniston in Friends and Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich. Now, cool girls can’t leave the house without one in their hair (or handbag), and we totally see why.

First off, they come in all different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. Tortoiseshell ones give major off-duty model vibes, while checkered and butterfly-shaped ones are peak Y2K aesthetic. You could of course go for neutrals and solid colors for more subtle looks, as well.

If you’re a claw clip newbie, watch this tutorial from @_emilysarah to learn how to achieve the effortlessly messy yet chic updos that It girls and supermodels can’t stop wearing.


♬ summer vibe – crazy bucket

Now that you’ve gotten a crash course on how to twist up your hair with a claw clip, it’s time for the fun part: shopping. 

Although Emi Jay is a celeb and fan-favorite brand for these hair accessories, $30 clips might not be in your budget (same). Per usual, Amazon has an endless amount of options that are affordable and cute.

Ahead, find 5 claw clips from Amazon to create the perfect updo as you sip on a PSL and burn your fave fall candle.

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ZionMe Hair Claw Clips (8-Pack)

Hapdoo Checkered Hair ClipsTOCESS Big Hair Claw Clips (4pcs)

NAISIER Butterfly Tortoise Shell Hair Claw Clips (6-Pack)

Messen Flower Claw Clips (12 pcs)

ZYTJ Large Rectangle Hair Claw Clips


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