7 Stunningly Creative Updos for Long Hair

Updo’s are classy and sophisticated. They are easy to manage and look great for any formal and even informal gatherings. Below is an array of classic look that can be worn with any hair length. Whether you have long or short hair, there is definitely a look here for you.

  1. This is a striking up-do that is bold and quite beautiful. Check out the amazing detail in the braid. This look is fantastic for someone with long hair.

2. This look is whimsy and dream like. It’s  the perfect look for any occasion. What would you wear this look to? The added accessory really ties the whole look together. It gives it a sophisticated elegance.

3. Here is a two toned up-do with the blonde layer on top and a darker undertone beneath. Many people enjoy garnishing the look with an added accessory as you’ll see here with the feathers.

4. This is a swooping, messier up-do that is super chic right now. It makes the overall appearance effortless and laid back and looks fantastic. The way that it’s tied up on top of her head really brings out the highlights in her hair. It’s a great summer look.

5. In this example, she added a headband to complete the look. It’s a beautiful choice. We love the way it’s set up closer to her forehead. It gives it a chance to really stand out and be noticed. It ties the whole piece together.

6. This is an intricate look that took a lot of time to complete. The interwoven pieces of hair look gorgeous. This is a tighter look that has a lot of product in it. You’ll notice how the ends don’t look quite as sprayed together.

7. Here’s a fish braid look that is very stylish. This is a gorgeous look for whatever event you have, but especially for a formal or a fundraiser. You can wear it with just about anything and you’ll be sure to get lots of compliments. We like how she opted to leave her bangs hanging freely in the front.


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