A Guide Of Buying A Used Toyota Camry

The seventh-generation Toyota Camry arrives with the 2012 model year, continuing through the 2017 model year. Around this time, Toyota’s long standing family sedan has once again delivered a strong brand reputation in the market, in addition to a diverse choice of powertrains, trim levels and option packages for buyers to tweak.

This-generation Camry also earned the highest score in the NHTSA’s safety rating program in its debut year, with a 5-star safety score providing more confidence in the buying decision of the conscious buyer. Residual value is also appreciated by industry authorities, helping to turn a healthy used Camry into a solid long-term purchase. Look for the 2.5-liter four-cylinder and automatic transmission on most models, while the powerful 3.5-liter V6 is for the after-driver with more power.

The Camry Hybrid is also offered, adding a hybrid engine and self-charging battery to improve performance and reduce fuel consumption. For the 2013 model year, additional content of standard features has been added. A radical redesign has been applied for the 2015 model year, adding new trim qualities, a more upscale interior, a major visual overhaul, quieter and more refined driving, and suspension re-tuned designed to provide a direct handling feel.

If it’s within your budget, a 2015 or newer model may represent the best value. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, fuel-efficient used sedan with a solid reputation, the Toyota Camry won’t let you down, as long as you take steps to find a used one in the near future. Read a tip to make sure you get the best used car model. Possibility for the dollar.

Headlight performance and upgrades

One of the most discussed topics in the online seventh-generation Toyota Camry owner communities is headlight modification, with many owners looking for information on upgrading system parts. lighting, including bulbs, housings and associated electronics.

Some owners desire more performance from factory headlights, which can degrade further as the vehicle ages and the headlight housings fade and yellow. Other owners upgraded their lighting systems to improve appearance and style.

During your test drive, confirm that the headlight housings of the Camry you are considering are in good condition and free from damage, fog, discoloration or yellowing. If the headlight housings are not bright and crystal clear, they can obstruct the exit of the inner bulb, reducing the headlight’s performance.

If the used Camry you are considering has modified lighting, confirm that the upgraded lights are legal in your area and that all parts and wiring are correct. High quality and from a reputable brand. Also, make sure the installation is done professionally, as changing factory electronics, parts, and wiring can lead to headaches or worse.

For best results, monitor available equipment, evaluate its headlight performance, and upgrade if necessary – use only quality parts and professional installation.

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