Foreign media reveal the launch plan of Suzuki’s new recreational vehicle

In response to the increasingly stringent emissions regulations for new vehicles, many car manufacturers have launched petrol-electric, PHEV and new all-electric models to cope with the situation. However, according to recent reports in the overseas media, a new Suzuki vehicle launch plan has been revealed through media interviews, which mainly reveal the timing of the launch of Suzuki’s new generation SUV models.

According to the first press reports, Suzuki’s new vehicle launch plan shows that in 2022 Suzuki will launch the overhauled S-Cross HEV (European SX4) and Vitara HEV in the European market, as well as the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, which will be launched mainly for the Indian market, also in 2022. The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza will also be launched in 2022 as an HEV, but the new model plan only indicates that all these models will be petrol-electric models, without details of whether they will be light or petrol-electric.

For the Indian market, Suzuki will launch the Vitara Brezza HEV in 2022, in addition to the new B-segment hybrid co-developed with Toyota in late 2022. The new sports tourer, formerly known as the Y17, will be launched in the C/D class in late 2024 and early 2025.
More unusually, Suzuki will also launch a new B-segment petrol-electric coupé in late 2022, a new model developed jointly by Suzuki and Toyota, primarily for the Indian market, but for now only the YFG model code is available and no official model name can be confirmed. In 2023, Suzuki will also launch a new petrol-electric recreational vehicle in the Indian market under the original code YTB, offering a wider choice of models.

For the Indian market, in addition to releasing the HEV gasoline-electric model of the Vitara Brezza series in 2022, Suzuki will also launch a new gasoline-electric leisure travel jointly developed with Toyota and B-class in late 2022. From late 2024 to early 2025, Suzuki is expected to launch a new sports safari with the original codename Y17, belonging to the C/D class, and the main printing market.

For the European market, Suzuki is expected to be released in 2023. The new A-Crossover entry crossover model using pure electric power for the first time is estimated to be the successor to the current Suzuki Ignis 2022 series.

For the European market, Suzuki expects to launch the first ever purely electric A-Crossover entry crossover in 2023, and a revised Vitara model at the end of the year, with the first ever PHEV plug-in hybrid option in addition to the HEV. In 2024, a B-segment fuel-electric SUV will be developed for the European and Japanese markets, while the popular Jimny model line will be available worldwide in LWB long-axle and HEV fuel-electric models.

In late 2024 and early 2025, Suzuki expects to launch the Y17, a sport-utility product in the C/D class focusing on the Indian market, and the YY8, an all-electric sport-utility developed jointly with Toyota, which will also debut in 2024. Suzuki’s new vehicle plans have been revealed to date, with a PHEV plug-in and two new all-electric sports tourers expected to follow, in addition to the popularisation of fuel-electric power.—Try-Best-Eccouncil-312-50-Mock-Dumps/blob/main/—Try-Best-HP-HPE0-S55-Mock-Dumps/blob/main/
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