Reddit Accused Me Of Faking My Chronic Illness

Health psychologist, CBT and EMDR therapist Dr Sula Windgassen tells R29: “It’s interesting that within groups, you’ll always see factions. You see it within the LGBTQIA+ communities: you would assume everybody has or could have experienced ostracising from the heteronormative population and so they’d be united, but in fact you see factions forming within that. It’s the same within the chronic illness community. The experience of being ostracised is a really threatening one. And so because many people with chronic illnesses are likely to have experienced some kind of dismissal, disbelief, ostracisation, isolation, they want to establish legitimacy of their own health condition. And one of the ways you might do that is compare your condition with another, to demonstrate: look, this is ‘real’.”

2022-06-28 06:00:00